Friday, October 24, 2008

So what's going on in the rest of the World???

It's now three weeks since we left home and Prean & I have no clue of any current affairs… It's terrible actually – we're even missing Mahindra on the SABC 3 news! Watching the news in Italian is of no use, so we don't even try actually. And when we finally get onto the internet, we have so much to do and read in the small space of time that the news sites are the last things on our minds. So if someone is terribly bored at work – send us a quick prĂ©cis on anything we should know about?

So work's been consuming our lives so far. We finished early today for a change (18h30)! 20h00 was getting to be a norm last week and since we have a deadline for Friday, I don't see much hope for the rest of the week.

We managed to go to Nervi on Saturday afternoon. It's a short bus ride from the city, where we are based. Nervi's a small town on the coast, which has breath-taking views of the ocean and surrounding mountains. What makes it really picturesque though, are the colourful apartment blocks all along the coast. I don't really know if apartment blocks is the right word to use, since they're all pretty old. The brightly coloured buildings were said to help fishermen find their homes while they were out at sea.

On Sunday, we planned on going to Porto Fino, but the weather did not look too good, so we ended up at the Genova Museo del Mare, i.e. Genoa Marine Museum. It was quite interesting and had a lot of the history of the city of Genoa, which was once the biggest port in Europe. There is also a lot about Christopher Columbus, who may have been Genovese – there's no certain proof though. There was also an exhibit all about emigrants that went to America (much like us – hey?). It was so amazing how so many people travelled from all over Europe to Genoa to get onto a ship and head for a new life in America. It was really well done.

So otherwise, we're doing well. Hope everyone's well there in SA? We're missing everyone a lot. On Sunday evening, we thought about how we could be having Galito's with Sanu & Viro. And on weekend days after work I really miss going to Sam's for some tea and some playing with Mishka. I really can't wait to get to the States, cos hopefully more internet access will mean more communication with all of you.

By the way, the gelato's are great! I've eaten quite a few so far…

Missing you all!

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