Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ciao from Firenze!

We got to Florence this morning at about 10.30am. Managed to book a hotel online last night ( <-- really good site) and we booked our train tickets with the self service and we were off this morning from Genoa at about 7am. It was easier than I expected. Florence is as beautiful as ever. It rained a bit this morning (which is what happened the last time we were here) but it cleared up nicely and we had a great day of sightseeing. I'll put up some pics later. We went to the Palazzo Vecchio first, over ther Ponte Vecchio, had a great calzone at a little pizzeria and then went to the Palazzo Pitti and the Merdici Chapel. Alot - I know - our feet are really sore now! So we figured some surfing will do us good.
We're at the hotel now and it has free internet access! So i'm really going to read some news.
Catch up with you guys later!
Ciao Ciao!