Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow - it's been a while...

Laziness... that's all I can say.

So I'm back into the swing of things here - it literally took a month to get over the wonderful holiday in SA. I was seriously depressed.
I also lost my camera so all the fantastic summer pictures are gone :( and I can only show pics from the blackberry. Oh well...

Prean and I went to the Aquarium, the Planetarium and the field museum since we've been back. The Aquarium's no uShaka but the other 2 were great. The field museum had an exhibit on East Africa - starting from life in eastern Africa and then showing how the western world forced Africans to be slaves. It's estimated 10-20 million Africans were taken to American and some to Europe. One contributor noted that Africa never developed well because of that period.

Here's a pic taken outside the Planetarium - the Chicago skyline looks much better in Summer (NB. to anyone wanting to visit in winter...) Whats also interesting is the lake - yes, underneath all that ice is actually a small piece of Lake Michigan!

I have to tell you walking out there near the lake with the wind blowing was painful...literally. It was so cold my face hurt!

Anyway, we made up for it by having a hot chocolate at Ghirardellis afterwards :-) Now this is a must visit place when you visit Chicago!

Till next time!

Missing you all as always!

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