Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring in Michigan

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I have to admit – its getting quite lovely here these days… It’s hard to believe especially after the long cold winter that we experienced – people here told us that its been the worst winter they’ve had in years! I know – great time for us to decide to experience the snow.

Anyway, its finally Spring – later than usual but its here and as beautiful as you can imagine. I never really paid attention to Spring or Autumn in SA – probably because its just not that evident in SA like it is here. We just woke up one morning and heard birds chirping away. Then before we knew it a few trees turned colour completely – like the yellow one in the picture. I never even took a second glance at it before.

Last Friday was probably the first really good Spring day – it was 26deg! Unbelievable! And we went to a place called Royal Oak (a place like Melville) and it was so completely full of people we could hardly believe it. Its like everyone came out of hibernation. So if that day was anything to go by I’m sure Summer is definitely going to be a huge party over here.

So tonight we’re off to a pub crawl… our way of celebrating Worker’s Day. I really miss April in SA with all the public holidays. Our first official public holiday is this month – Memorial Day on the 25th – a day after Prean’s birthday – we’ve decided to spend it in Miami!

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