Friday, April 17, 2009

New York City

So it's true what they say about New York - "it's a city that never sleeps". We experienced that first hand when we arrived on Manhattan Island at around midnight on a Thursday night. The picture above is of Time Square at that time - absolutely no signs of sleep anywhere...

So as usual our flight from Detroit was a bit delayed - we were meant to get in at around 9pm - we were totally exhausted but the thrill of being in New York City was overwhelming! We checked in at our hotel and immediately walked down to Time Square. As we walked closer it seemed like we were walking into daylight - it just got brighter and brighter until we found ourselves in the midst of crazy Time Square (which by the way, is not really a square) The electronic billboards are huge, high definition adverts and it makes me wonder what advertising space costs around here... It's one of those places you just have to go see

We started out our really hectic 3 day trip early on Friday morning by taking the subway to the southern tip of the island, where we hopped on the Liberty Island ferry. Lady Liberty is truely majestic. I never really thought of the statue as beautiful when I saw it in pictures but she really is an amazing work of art. Made from pure copper, the statue hangs on a steel framework and is 93m tall (including the pedastal). 
The view of Manhattan island from here is also quite a good one. 
We also managed to visit Ellis Island before heading back to Manhattan, where we wondered around the financial district. Did you know Wall Street is named Wall Street because there actually was a wall there way back when...
The famous Brooklyn Bridge was our next stop - we walked across to get to Brooklyn. 

One of the most memorable moments was the view of Manhattan from the top of the Rockafellar Center. I guess we'll do the Empire State on our next trip but we had a great view from here. We decided to go just before sunset so we saw a bit of day and night

Notice the really bright section on the bottom right of the night picture? Thats Times Square...
Central Park was also a fascinating place - its massive and the people seemed to be enjoying the good weather. 

We spent the rest of the weekend wondering around ...everywhere, Little Italy, China Town (looks like Hong Kong) Soho, The Village, Harlem - yep - we did alot of walking - we were exhausted by the time we got on the plane to go home. The amazing part about all the different parts of the City was that they're just that - so extremely different. 5th Ave is crazy with loads of people and a constant yellow sea of cabs, but Harlem is quiet and calm. 
It's really a fantastic place - I'm definately going back! 
Check out picasa for all the pics.

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  1. Very cool photos and nice to see you are still blogging.